Things You Need to Know About Garage Doors

Most homeowners nowadays match their garage doors with the style of their house. And for good reason. The garage, if front facing, is one of the parts of the house that people notice first. Gone is the old thought that garage doors only have a functional purpose. They can be stylish as well.

There are several types of garage doors. And there are three basic ones: customized, semi-customized, and mass produced. Most doors are made of steel but there are other materials available as well.


1. Customized

This is a personalized approach to garage door designing. Customized garage doors give homeowners the freedom to choose just about whatever style they want, even the materials to be utilized including the color, finish, panel style, hardware, windows, and insulation. So if you’re dreaming about having garage doors that would match your Spanish-style home or your contemporary house, ring up the garage door professionals.

Custom-made garage doors can be expensive. But expect to have a high-quality one. Insulation should be heavy, construction doubled, and weather stoppers are installed to prevent rain or wind disturbances.

2. Semi-customized

Semi-customized garage doors, as the name implies, provides customization only for some parts. Your area will be measured to guarantee exact fit of the garage doors. These garage doors are also available in different panel styles, windows, and colors. Most semi-customized garage doors are made of steel but are lightweight. They sometimes include insulation foams as well.

3. Mass produced

Because they are mass produced, they have raised panels but the material used is a form of thinner steel or other thin and lightweight materials that have no insulation. This makes them inexpensive. The color available is only white and the sizes are limited too.


Available garage door materials include steel, aluminum, wood, wood composite, vinyl, and fiberglass. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Wooden doors exude elegance and taste. They are pricey as well. Cedar and fir are commonly used. Those who have a tight budget can go for composite wood like plywood to achieve the same look and feel but not totally the quality. Steel and fiberglass try to emulate the finish of a garage door made of wood and they come pretty close. They also provide an elegant finish but are lightweight. Vinyl doors are making their way into the industry and claim to have lesser denting compared to steel. But among all materials, wood is the most challenging. More maintenance is required with wood due to its protective finish’s tendency to wear away because of exposure to sunlight, rain, wind, dust, sand, salt, or snow. Thus, it will need frequent touch-ups.

Garage doors are part of the curb appeal of your home. If they are situated in front, then like your entryway and main house doors, they shouldn’t be blocked. This means that people passing your house will most definitely see it. Garages are important and so are the doors because they lock the space securely. If your garage door needs a repair, Corpus Christi garage door repair is there to help.

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